About V-Studio

It’s a V studio with happiness.

V Studio is a professional photography studio for family photography/wedding photography/remind wedding/friendship photography/profile photography, consisting of sensuous photographers and staff, and continuous research is conducted to provide results that meet your needs.

Pictures are memories.
It is a precious memory to record the moments with family, lovers, and friends.
V Studio will continue to take pictures of our customers’ happy memories.



V Rental Studio

It is a large Horizon studio and vintage rental studio with good accessibility from Seoul (Gangnam).
It has a spacious parking lot and amenities, and you can make the set you need.
You can use it without any inconvenience in filming commercials, music videos, home shopping, dramas, entertainment, etc.

– Excellent accessibility: 20-minute-long distance from Gangnam (opposite Yangjeong Station on Jungang Line)

– Large Horizon and Vintage Studio make filming convenient

– Openness to create various spaces

– Use unique scenes using various kinds of furniture and props

– External lighting is also possible (B-Studio)

– Electricity can be used instead of power generation vehicle (100KW or more available)

– Have a dressing room and an indoor toilet

– a convenient parking lot

– Additional sets can be produced if you want

electricity generation substitute
a dressing room
The studio

a 150-pyeong studio
Large Horizontal 13m * Depth 23m * Height 7.5m – to Barton)
You can paint the horizone with the color you want
Two dressing rooms, indoor men’s and women’s restrooms
Fully equipped with cooling and heating facilities
Convenient Lighting Installation and Self-Lighting Electrical Facilities Using Barton Facilities
The studio

100 pyeong of vintage space and European-style arched studio
a variety of scenes using antique arches
Brick walls that can be decorated with study and cafe, rough-feeling cement walls, and block walls
Scene production using double-decker space and removable stairs
Lighting Installation Using Fixed Bars and Self-Lighting Electrical Facilities