ACE Massage 에이스안마

ACE Massage 에이스안마

Gangnam Aesthetic Group ACE Massage 에이스안마 Announces ‘K-Beauty’ with Golgi Therapy

“The vision of ‘ACE Massage 에이스안마‘ is to inform global customers of Korea’s new concept of bone therapy.” This is what ACE Massage 에이스안마 said.

Global aesthetic group ACE Massage 에이스안마 is leading the Asian beauty Korean Wave based on its own bone therapy. Recently, it opened its 10th store in Ho Chi Minh City in a year after opening its first store in Hanoi, Vietnam in May last year. In addition, it has advanced to six other countries, including Japan and China.

Bone therapy was invented in 1979 using the characteristics of bones that become healthier as they are stimulated, and it is a therapy created by combining beauty programs with bone therapy principles, and is receiving positive responses not only from domestic customers but also overseas.

Determined to spread it to more people as the founder of Golgi Therapy, Lee opened the first ACE Massage 에이스안마 store in Masan in 1981 and has been aggressively expanding its stores since then, and within a decade, ACE Massage 에이스안마 has grown into the nation’s No. 1 aesthetic.

ACE Massage 에이스안마 provides dozens of professional programs and premium services, including small face care, slim body care, wedding care, and postpartum care, and has expanded direct management to Cheongdam, Apgujeong, and Bundang, and signed industry-academic cooperation with Gyeongbok University and Suwon Women’s University.

“In order to do bone therapy properly, understanding of the human body must be supported,” he said. “We conduct systematic employee training through our own academy, and ACE Massage 에이스안마 managers gather every other week to study and learn the human body and bone.”

“One of the strengths of ACE Massage 에이스안마 is ‘customer management’. Most of the customers are satisfied enough to consistently find ACE Massage 에이스안마, not just one-time management, he said. “In particular, in the case of ‘Small Face Care’, the main service, we modeled the face with plaster before starting management on the first day, and after management, we opened the pattern again so that customers can check the change with their eyes.”

Director Lee said, “Based on ACE Massage 에이스안마’s philosophy, which puts health and beauty first, we will spread the tradition of ‘weak hands’ from the center of K-therapy and K-beauty to the world in the future.”