Development of VR contents for the royal tomb of Joseon at Dexter Studio

Use the Unreal Engine to Design the Overall Interaction Element

Dexter Studio announced on the 20th that it has produced virtual reality (VR) contents based on the royal tombs of Joseon. It is a content that freely explores the inside of the royal tomb, which is not open to general visitors. Dexter Studio designed the entire interaction element using the Unreal engine. “We have not only optimized 3D (SD) data, but also implemented functions, 3D object assets, and UI design,” an official said. “We can enjoy new historical culture.”

The contents are divided into ‘Royal Tomb Space’ and ‘Events’. In the former, different seasons were implemented in Seolneung (Spring), Yongneung (Summer), Sungneung (Autumn), and Mokneung (Winter). Sungneung, which uses drones, also causes the illusion of flying. The latter is a game that experiences historical events, rituals, and rituals. He becomes a ritual official and a royal tomb manager to explore the tomb. You can experience it at Taereung, Joseon Royal Tomb Exhibition Hall, and Donggureung History and Culture Hall.