King Anma (

Hand Therapy ‘King Anma (’ Apgujeong, Grand Open

King Anma ( announced on the 14th that it recently opened its Apgujeong branch.

King Anma ( is a premium hand therapy brand launched by Foot & Body Franchise The Foot Shop.

The brand’s core technology is hand frequency therapy. It is a management technology that introduces a bio-current having a waveform similar to that of a bio-current through a manager’s hand.

It is possible to directly check the effect by measuring the in-body before and after care, drawing positive responses from customers. Intensive management is possible according to the parts that customers want. It has the advantage of no discomfort and pain felt by the skin using microcurrent.

There are four main management programs of King Anma ( King Anma (, Aroma, Face Care, and Special Wedding Care. Special Wedding Care is a systematic program for bride-to-be and groom-to-be who are about to get married. It includes not only skin but also overall care such as body care and body shape correction.

“It is located in a place with good accessibility, and you can experience body shape correction and lifting effects through current therapy,” a King Anma ( official said

Inquiries about the peak of King Anma ( Apgujeong can be consulted through the Kakao Talk channel.