Seo Hye-jin sets up CreA studio after leaving TV Chosun

Seo Hye-jin, head of TV Chosun Production Division, who created “Miss Trot” and “Mister Trot,” will stand alone.

It has been confirmed that Seo Hye-jin, who resigned from TV Chosun, established a CReA studio and started producing audition and professional content. Seo Hye-jin, who established an independent studio, plans to meet viewers with various contents such as audition and reality programs on various platforms.

Earlier, Seo Hye-jin, head of the headquarters, prepared for an independent studio once, but decided to remain in TV Chosun. In the end, by deciding to stand alone this time, he will show his own abilities without organizational restrictions.

Director Seo Hye-jin joined SBS as a producer in 1997 and directed “Amazing Competition Stockings,” “Same Dream,” and “Same Dream 2.” Since then, he has moved to TV Chosun to produce “Miss Trot Tomorrow,” “Mr Trot Tomorrow,” “Taste of Wife,” and “Taste of Love,” leading the golden age of TV Chosun entertainment programs.

Seo Hye-jin’s replacement is said to be Kim Sang-bae, a producer. He is also from SBS and will go to work in TV Chosun from the 27th.