systemic cryotherapy

Only one in Korea is owned by ‘full body cryotherapy’ and ‘white bear’ bear in Korea

Recently, a TV entertainment program showed a celebrity shivering inside a refrigerator-like machine. The device used by the celebrity is the only one called “Crio Artic” in Korea.

Cryotherapy , which has been famous in Korea for several years, is a treatment that induces body self-healing ability by intentionally lowering body temperature under -110 degrees Celsius, and is favored by many celebrities and sports stars for the purpose of relieving pain, restoring and strengthening joint muscles.

In addition, it is excellent in reducing stress and anxiety and improving metabolic rate by relieving insomnia symptoms, relieving the immune system, and improving blood circulation, and reducing cellulite and calories.

Usually, general machines owned by most cryotherapy 안마 shops expose the head to the outside and cool from the lower neck, but cryoartic can lower body temperature to optimal temperatures and experience the effects of the entire body from head to toe by cooling the entire body.

Currently, the only full-body cryotherapy “Cryo Artic” in Korea is owned by the White Bear Cryo Therapy Shop located in Apgujeong Rodeo.